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Read my story - Amy Souter
Amy Souter

One of my first memories of riding a bike was hurtling down a farm track which resulted in an impressive black eye just in time for school photographs.

This didn't kick-start my love of biking, and I concentrated on horse-riding during my schooldays. Biking came after I met a crazy bunch of people with a mutual passion for the great outdoors, excitement and going fast!

Biking has since become a real passion, and has taken me on many adventures across the UK and further afield. From day trips in the Yorkshire Dales and ski-runs in the Alps, to charity riding across the Carpathian Mountains and going as fast as possible off the top of Mount Snowdon. More recently, I've competed in long-distance Enduro races, including the Isle of Man End2End 75km race in 2011. The next challenge is 24hr racing!

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