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Read my story - Kevin Aryton
Kevin Aryton

In my university days at Sheffield Hallam, thoroughly fed up with my diet of fish and chips and fuelled by the need to earn beer money, I found myself a job in the catering industry. I became a part time commis chef in a Mexican restaurant in Halifax where I learnt basic culinary skills and a taste for Mexican dishes.

My interest in food continued to flourish into a passion for good food and cooking in general. There is nothing I like better than to whisk up a meal for my girlfriend and myself. For good old comfort food it is usually a home made curry, which we both really love, washed down with a good bottle of red wine.

I am often asked who my favourite celebrity chef is and I have to say it would be Gordon Ramsey. I love his no nonsense approach to food, something I try to emulate. I think everyone should give cooking a try. It’s creative, fun, simple and you get something great to eat at the end too!