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Read my story - Nick Rickett
Nick Rickett

I first started playing water polo as part of my training with the school swimming team and at 17 broke the endurance World Record for continuous water polo - the match lasted over 24 hours!

Some 25 years later I am still actively playing water polo with a local team in Lincolnshire. We play at regional league level and also have a developing youth squad. During my time with the club I have been fixtures manager and am currently the club treasurer; we have also participated in swimathons organised by a local Rotary Club, raising sponsorship funds for a number of national and local charities.

My aim for 2012 was to take the team to some of the water polo matches at the London Olympics and we have been lucky enough to be allocated some seats after our various applications - it will be inspirational to watch games at a high standard and should provide us with some more scoring tips!